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The CBD Store was founded by Michael Lanoue on April 15th, 2019, a year and a half after his wife Eva was involved in a serious accident. The accident left her with significant medical issues, including full right side sciatica issues, nerve issues, three herniated disks and severe other.

Following numerous painful back injections, marijuana use that caused her paranoia, and due to the fear of opioid dependency, the couple decided to start researching alternative medicine options. Cannabidoil came to mind, but with so many different brands online, they had to do extensive research and, unfortunately, many of the oils and salves Eva tried did nothing for her.

After trying 40+ companies with absolutely no relief, Michael and his wife discovered one of the only premium grade phytocanabidoil companies in the country and decided to give their products a try. Within just a couple of weeks, something amazing began to happen. The issues she was dealing with completely subsided. Eva decided to skip the next scheduled injection and see whether the CBD would continue to work without the use of any other medications. Within a couple of months of only using salves and oils with no other treatments, the other issues were gone. It was absolutely life changing.

Michael then decided that more people deserved to enjoy the benefits that his wife was experiencing. He started looking into ways to spread the word and get the help directly to the consumers . Knowing that there were so many choices and not wanting others to have to go through the same trials that they went through, he came up with the idea of The CBD Store, with the goal of creating an atmosphere that people could trust. He wanted to create a place where clients could come in, relax and learn about all the potential benefits of Cannabidiol.

The CBD Store is the first of many up-and-coming CBD stores in the state, with a second shop coming to Newport in a few months and more to come. They have quickly become the number one trusted source of CBD products in RI. All of our CBD products are derived from the industrial hemp plant containing 0 THC and Fully lab tested for all pesticides, solvents, heavy metals with full phytocannabinoid profile terpenes and flavonoids. The couple also recently created their own brand of CBD products called CanameD, which is currently for sale exclusively at The CBD Store.

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More about The CBD Store

Michael Lanoue

Michael is the owner and General Manager.

The Store

Located at 1845 Post Rd. Warwick, RI 02886.

(401) 360-7093

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All of our products are available for purchase online.

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