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Eva’s Story

April of 2018. I was sick. No not with the flu, or cancer. Something hidden. I was in a bad accident that left me in severe pain almost 24/7. I was battling severe anxiety, depression and PTSD. I was taking 6 different medications on a daily basis to manage all my ongoing problems. I was a prisoner. I didn’t want to go out. I didn’t want to eat. I didn’t want to enjoy life. I had become so secluded that I started to get paranoid. I had come to the conclusion that this was my life. And I was on the verge of letting go.

One split moment decision changed my life. I had always done exactly what I was told and no different. But this time, I decided to think for myself. I had heard many people talk about CBD and all of it potential benefits. Growing up in a world where, you just take a pill and you’ll feel better, I was extremely skeptical. But I decided that nothing could be worse than what I was already dealing with so why not? My symptoms weren’t gone over night. CBD isn’t magic after all. Within a couple weeks, I was tapering myself off my pain medication. Within a month and a half I was off my mental health medications. I began to desire food again. My days became brighter and my thinking more optimistic. I wanted to enjoy life again. I got my own quality of life back.

CBD honestly changed my life and it could change yours too.

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